A Latin-only Real Time IRC Chat

Do you want to chat in Latin in real time? (by means of writing / instant messaging with others)
(to train your Latin composition skills or immerse yourself in the language by speaking it)


Nothing but Latin is allowed (for more information, check out our rules).

- The IRC channel is not for absolute beginners in Latin. You can be a beginner in writing but already having some passive knowledge how the sentences work.

- The only thing we require is that you are able to write at least SOME more or less grammatical and comprehensible Latin sentences and that you are willing to speak by writing.

1) Use your own IRC client (the best option):

IRC network address:    irc.freenode.net
                        channel:    ##Latinitas

(default ports: 6665, 6666, 6667, for SSL 6697)

Possible IRC clients for Windows: mIRC, NetTalk, Hexchat, KiwiIRC, Chatzilla

2) Or download a preconfigured free IRC client that will automatically connect itself to our chat:

(for Windows) Download, un-zip and run our preconfigured version of the free IRC client, NetTalk

3) Or connect to the IRC through your web browser by an improvised web-chat (freezing and crashing is possible):


Please read the channel rules before entering! By entering you automatically agree to follow them.

An advantage of an IRC chat over a purely web-based chat is that you can pick from innumerable programs that you can customize (change the fonts, change the background, write your own scripts and many other things). The main advantage for many people is that the chat doesn't happen directly in your browser but in a program you can run in the background, which means that it is faster and less prone to errors.